Via Ghibellina, 123 

50122 - Firenze (FI) - Italia

IVA / VAT: IT03332240542


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This is an itinerary for walking while looking straight ahead and upwards. What do you think? Are you worried about tripping or perhaps not  seeing the open manholes? No, it could be worse, like: stepping on dry or maybe even fresh dog shit! Well, it's a way to understand how the  world actually is! 


Now, to walk looking up in the streets of Florence, especially in older neighborhoods such as Santo Spirito, Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella, offers a sense of well-being: during summer the sun blinds you, in the winter it’s freezing and when it rains it's torture! 

Well, I convinced you! Now you're all in a row to book my guided tours, right? Of course not, but do we want to deprive ourselves of the idea of discovering not only the unusual places, but also intriguing stories and not only the feminine ones? 


I will lead you on the ancient streets of Florence, on the narrow roads, on the alleys that were created in the Middle Ages which carry not only  the history of the city, but also the testimonies of "Florentine" women, such as widows, numerous because traditionally women are – on average - more long-lived than men and because until not so long ago the age difference between husband and wife was quite high. Then there are the  great ladies, the powerful women: Cristina of Lorraine, wife of Grand Duke Ferdinando called to renew the old ties between Lorraine and  Tuscany; the romantic and scandalous love affair between Bianca Cappello and the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco de 'Medici; Maria  Maddalena of Austria, wife of Cosimo II; Lady Elisa Bonaparte wife of Felice Baciocchi. Furthermore, stories of noble women,  literate ladies, poetesses, female entrepreneurs, patriots and conspirators, and behold: Elizabeth Barret Browning, Florence Nightingale, and George Eliot in the sense of Mary Ann Evans and Jessie White Mario; but also stories of women prostitutes. 


We'll go around Florence to discover hidden commemorative stones that tell the history of women, often in the shadow of their men: fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends and lovers. Stone women told by eminent Latin scholars, antiquarians and Hebrew scholars who have ventured into the not always easy reading of the epigraphs and in their reviews, but that provides us with valuable material for the memory of these  women.

I'll be waiting for you! 


The tour consists of walking around the city with a lunch break; then the journey continues in the afternoon. Full Day no more than 5 hours.

 “Stone Women” on the Florentine Streets Itinerary 

 Exclusive Tour in Florence