Via Ghibellina, 123 

50122 - Firenze (FI) - Italia

IVA / VAT: IT03332240542


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Alberto Burri was born in 1915 in Città di Castello. His artistic career started in 1945 and ended with his death in 1995. He trained as a figurative painter for a brief period of time. His abstract work can be divided into two periods: during the first the surfaces are irregular and jagged, at times abrupt, emphasizing life in the various recycled materials (sacks, wood, metals and plastic); the second period is more even and smooth intertwined with color. Sometimes the latter is used exclusively. the value of the materials is now recognized for their tones as well as their shape. The ensemble is now more uniform, even if irregular or porous. During seventies the passage from the "cretti" to "cellotex" is clearly visible. 


Pinacoteca Comunale: the Palazzo was built for the occasion of the wedding of Alessandro Vitelli and Angela Paola dei Rossi of San Secondo Parmense. It was built between 1521 and 1545. It consists of five different buildings, clearly visible from the different heights of the roofs. Giorgio Vasari and Cristoforo Gherardi designed the graffiti decoration which covers a large part of the facade. The frescoes of the Palazzo, painted in the 16th century, are for the most part attributed to Cola dell'Amatrice and Cristoforo Gherardi, nicknamed Il Doceno. 

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