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 Umbria: the Tiber Valley. Discover the Deruta ceramics and the city of Todi.

Morning: 3 hours


The visit begins with the town of Deruta, of secular origins. The findings of a necropolis from the Hellenistic period and a rustic settlement from the Roman era attest its ancient origin. Under the rule of Perugia from the XIth century on, it was fortified in the late XIIIth century.

The different names of this town perched on a hill overlooking the Tiber Valley have changed over time: Ruto, Ruta, Rupto, Direpta, Diruta, meaning "ruined", and from this it seems that the name "Deruta" originated.


Deruta is known for its production of ceramics which used clay locally sourced the surrounding areas and documented at least since the XIVth century; it reached its greatest success in the European markets in the XVIth century.


The visit starts in the center of the town and the Museo Regionale della Ceramica (Regional Museum of Ceramics) and will finish with an activity in the laboratory of a prestigious company allowing the visitor to create an object by him/herself, following the prearranged manufacturing process of ceramics: shaping/ modeling / casting and molding; scratching / engraving; first firing "… of the bisque" (the complete baking of the object takes almost a day). Alternatively, with the piece already baked, the "bisque", the visitor can create the glazing / painting / decorating / vitrification and then the second firing "... of the beautiful one" to make the object shiny and waterproof, highlighting all the beauty of the artifact. This cycle, like the first one, requires a baking of almost a day. Upon request, the manufactured product can be sent via the means of transport which have agreements with the company; furthermore other objects on display in their showroom can be purchased.


Afternoon: 3 hours

We will continue the visit to Todi, an Umbrian – Etruscan town, placed astride the two summits of a hill and surrounded by the first round of the walls, to which the symmetrical branches of medieval districts were added. Before heading inside the city walls of Todi, we will visit the majestic Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione (Church of Saint Mary of Consolation), continuing along the various monuments of great historical - religious - literary and artistic interest: Tempio di San Fortunato (Temple of Saint Fortunato), Palazzo del Popolo and del Capitano, Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral.